Dead Cells Weapon Tier List

Dead Cells Weapon Tier List

If you're looking for the best weapons for Dead Cells, you've come to the right place. This article is about Assault Shield, Crow's Foot, Burning Mace, and Hattori's Katana. You'll also learn about the newest weapons for this game, including the Assault Shield. We'll take a look at how these weapons compare to the others, and help you choose the best weapon for your class.

Assault Shield

One of the most powerful weapons in the game is the Assault Shield, which is a weapon that a majority of players use. This shield allows you to push into enemies and block their projectiles, making it a valuable addition to any weapon tier list. You can obtain a blueprint for this weapon by completing the timed door room. The next section will talk about the perks of the Assault Shield.

In Dead Cells, shields are extremely useful because they can absorb the majority of the damage an enemy can do to you. They can even be used to block melee attacks. This makes them a great choice, especially for new players. However, you must keep in mind that some types of attacks do not activate the force field around the player character. A Dead Cells shield tier list ranks the different shields by how much damage they absorb and block.

Despite the huge amount of weapons and gear in Dead Cells, it is still essential to be able to choose the right one for your character. You can change your weapon placement with every run, and you will almost never use the same loadout twice. Nevertheless, some weapons in the game are better than others, and some are only useful for experienced players. This guide will discuss the top ten weapons in Dead Cells 2021.

Assault Shields in the game's weapon tier list fall into two tiers: A and B. The A and B tier shields are both very good. They can block up to 75% of damage and freeze nearby enemies for 3 seconds. In addition to absorbing damage, they also have the ability to stun enemies, which is very useful in the game. In addition to this, they can also be useful to defend the player character from close enemies.

Crow's Foot

The Crow's Foot is a mutation that deals damage to enemies and slows them for 1.5 seconds. This weapon tier is an easy way to boost the damage on your melee weapons. Its Tranquillity Effect reduces enemies' cooldown when they are attacking close range. This ability is an excellent tool to use against waves of enemies and bosses. If you use it correctly, you can turn the tide of battles.

The Crow's Foot is a melee weapon tier that can be found in the third area of the game. It is the best weapon tier in Dead Cells, and it is highly recommended for players of all experience levels. This weapon tier increases your damage output while being able to use melee weapons. You can also hold the shield up for constant damage to enemies. It can also be dropped randomly by Defender enemies. A large portion of the game's items are skills. You can find these by collecting Blueprints and can equip them in your two skill slots. There are three types of skills: damage, movement, and passive.

The War Scythes are another unique weapon in Dead Cells. This weapon fills both the primary and secondary weapon slots and is a mono-survival melee weapon with an intriguing dynamic between the primary and secondary slots. The War Scythes build emphasizes crowd control and hit-prevention. For the most effective weapon tier, you should focus on the War Scythe. You can use a Crow's Foot weapon tier if you are looking to be fast, agile, and have good DPS.

The Queen's Rapier and the Barnacle now have new crit conditions. They now deal more damage to bleeding, poisoned, and stunned enemies, and both crit damage is now increased. The Hard Light Sword and the Crowbar also now grant a buff to your abilities. The Magnetic Grenade and the Acrobatipack no longer fire or explode indefinitely. The Armadillopack is now more suited for difficulty-related play.

Burning Mace

The Burning Mace is the most powerful weapon in Dead Cells, but you may be wondering which one you should choose. This weapon is split into three parts, and you can use them only in the fourth book of the game. It can only One-Hit Kill, but this isn't a problem, as it is still very powerful. In addition, you can equip it to kill any infected in a single shot.

Hattori's Katana

One of the most powerful melee weapons in Dead Cells is the Hattori's Katana. The three-hit combo with the Hattori Katana has an additional charge attack that deals critical damage. Using the Hattori's Katana will make you faster by dash-attacking the enemies, increasing your critical damage multiplier. The special ability to dash will allow you to perform an attack without having to worry about missing. It is possible to initiate this attack at any point of the combo.

In addition to weapons, you can also use shields and traps. Several items in Dead Cells scale based on the three stats: Brutality, Tactics, and Survival. Some items have two stats, but all scale with Brutality. Additionally, all items drop as alternate Colorless and Legendary tiers. As you progress, you can use these weapons and equip them accordingly.

Another weapon in Dead Cells is the Giantkiller. This large sword is packed with energy, and can deal massive damage to bosses. You can acquire it after defeating the Giant. This weapon is one of the best options for killing bosses in Dead Cells. If you are a sniper, this weapon will make your job much easier. It can kill enemies from far away and is capable of a high-damage slash.

The Asymmetrical Lance is a useful survival weapon in Dead Cells. While it is slower than the Broadsword, it can be managed easily and attacks enemies in front and behind. The Asymmetrical Lance is also great for speedrunning and crowd control. It has a crit attack if you kill two enemies in quick succession. You can also use it to kill two enemies at once.

Primal Hammer

In dead cells, the Primal Hammer is the strongest melee weapon. You can use this weapon to damage your enemies while defending yourself. It has an incredible damage stat, but it's susceptible to various mods and player skills. This weapon can also be upgraded at the workbench by using the Tinker ability. However, you'll have to spend money to do so. But the benefits outweigh its drawbacks.

To find the Primal Hammer's tier, look for its damage output. It's one of the most reliable weapons for killing undead and destroying structures. The Primal Hammer's damage output and range make it the best choice for most players. It can also be used to increase a player's health by 30% or heal them for 10 HP. The Primal Hammer is not the only weapon you can use for boosting your health.

While the Primal Hammer may be crude, it is an incredibly powerful weapon. When equipped, it consumes stamina but deals more damage than most weapons. When charged, it has a slowing effect on the enemies you attack. There are five tiers to the Primal Hammer and when fully upgraded, it can deal double the damage it does in raw form. It's important to keep this in mind as you progress through the game.

The most powerful weapon is also the hardest to get. Not only is the Primal Hammer in Dead Cells difficult to get, but it is also not easy to find. It can only be found in Bonus Dungeons and has a very low drop rate without the Random Drop Booster. It's worth it, though, as it's one of the best weapons you can get for your money in the game.


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