Elden Ring Scarlet Rot Weapons

Elden Ring Scarlet Rot Weapons

The Rotton Crystal Sword is similar to the normal Crystal Sword. To use it, you need to have 13 Strength, 10 Dexterity, and 15 Intelligence. The Rotton Crystal Sword has a unique skill called Spinning Slash, which is perfect for dexterous warriors. It deals a massive amount of damage to your enemies. While the normal Crystal Sword requires a high base attack power, this one has more damage than the others.

Obtaining elden ring scarlet rot weapons

There are many advantages to obtaining Elden Ring scarlet rot weapons. These weapons have special status effects that damage enemies over time. You can reduce the buildup of Scarlet Rot by raising your immunity stat. Preserving Boluses will also reduce the buildup of Scarlet Rot. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your new weapons. We've listed our top five picks below.

First off, it's not easy to find the Scarlet Rot weapon. You'll need to make sure you're stocked with lots of scarlet rot cures before you go on your quest. It's also essential to stock up on these weapons, since the enemy favors poison attacks. Luckily, there are several ways to acquire these weapons. The first option is to collect ashes of the Kindred of Rot. This is an extremely powerful way to summon a spirit of the rot. It makes a dry rustling sound, attacks with sticky threads, and is a powerful melee and ranged weapon. Lastly, you can use the Kindred of Rot as a support character. This is an excellent choice when facing a single enemy or a group of enemies.

After getting the Scarlet Rot weapon, you'll need to obtain the Dragon Communion Seal. This will allow you to increase your attack power when a creature is nearby. This seal will also make your enemies more vulnerable to your attack power. The Rotten Greataxe is a massive weapon that scales with Strength. However, you may not have the Strength to handle it, and obtaining the Scarlet Rot weapons is a much better option.

In addition to the Scarlet Rot Weapon, you can obtain the Elden Ring Charm Talisman. This talisman increases your overall armor load and allows you to wear heavier weapons. This item is not an absolute necessity, but it will make your Elden Ring build stronger. If you're a Faith builder, you may also want to get a Ruler's Mask to increase your Faith. There's a dedicated guide for this weapon here.


For a level 150 character, one of the most important stats for a Scarlet Rot build is Faith. Faith determines how well you can use your Incantation and Rot spells. Below are the stats of some of the most common scarlet rot weapons. All weapon stats have been rounded up to the nearest five points. If you are not sure which one to choose, check out our chart below.

If you are a character that enjoys playing melee, you will want to use weapons with high attack power. If you are a mage, you'll need to use a ranged weapon, but you can also equip an item to increase its damage. A flaming dagger is a great option for melee, while a sword will give you a massive damage boost. Adding a Blood Shield to your weapon is an excellent option to protect yourself against damage.

Elden Ring is full of cool weapons. Not only do these weapons look cool, they are also badass. You'll also need more than just weapons to survive in the game, so look for items with passive stat buffs. You'll also want to master your dodge rolls and trigger discipline. You can learn more about them by looking at the full list of Elden Ring weapon stats.

Your physical stats determine your susceptibility to status ailments. As your physical stats increase, you'll be able to resist poison and scarlet rot more easily. As long as you have 30 Strength, your weapon will function well with heavy Ashes of War. You can also add Frost, Poison, and Bleed if you wish. A third option is to combine your weapon with a passive to increase its effectiveness.

The rotten breath incantation is a unique ranged weapon attack for your Elden Ring Rivers of Blood build. This incantation releases a brownish gaseous attack that resembles rotten breath. This attack's official name is scarlet rot breath and does great damage. This weapon can also be helpful in boss fights. The scarlet rot weapon is an excellent choice for a level 85 player.

Building a build around them

If you're looking to build a character around your favourite scarlet rot weapon, consider building a build centered around it. Many players have their favourite character, weapon, or combination of those. In Elden Ring, you can build around these items and more. Here are a few examples. Read on to find out more. If you're not a huge fan of scarlet rot, consider playing as someone who plays a paladin.

While a Scarlet Rot weapon build doesn't come with a wide selection of options, there are a few that stand out. For instance, the Antspur Rapier, which drops from Maleigh Marais outside The Shaded Castle, causes Scarlet Rot to build up on your enemies and requires 10 Strength and 20 Dexterity. This weapon's duration is short, but it deals significant damage.

If you're playing a paladin, you'll want to stack the Rotten Rapier and the Antspur Rapier. Using both of these items together will result in devastating status effects in just a few hits. While you're at it, try stacking the Rotten Battle Hammer with the ash of war. Both of these abilities are very useful and can make it easy to slaughter enemies.

The Elden Ring Meteorite Staff is a great weapon to build around if you're playing as an elf or a paladin. It's very easy to farm for one of these weapons in the Swamp of Aeonia. This weapon requires 18 intelligence to use, but is still an incredible weapon late in the game. The Meteorite Staff also scales well with Intelligence, making it an excellent choice for builds centered around Intelligence.

When building your build around these items, make sure that you also focus on their damage. While slashing with these weapons is the most important aspect of this build, you'll also need to focus on their damage reduction. While they may not seem like the most crucial part of your build, the Rivers of Blood and Blasphemous Blade are both essential. This weapon also stacks with Faith and heals when used against enemies.

Using them to tank summons

Using elden ring scarlet-rot weapons to tank summons is not a problem if you have the correct gear and build. One such weapon is the Rotten Crystal Spear, which has excellent range and poise. This weapon scales with Dexterity and has an excellent scarlet-rot buildup stat of 55. You can get one by farming crystal enemies.

If you are a druid, you can use a weapon that has scarlet-rot to tank summons. These weapons deal damage over time and are very useful against bosses. Scarlet rot is not only annoying, but can also help you take down weak bosses easily. A good tanking weapon that has a high utility should be able to deal with these summons without using up valuable mana.

Another weapon that is effective in tanking summons is the Bloodhound Knight. These rabid attackers are very useful in Elden Ring. Upon summoning, they attack and deal continuous damage with melee strikes. Their attacks also build up a bleed effect on enemies, so they can deal huge damage very quickly. If you have an early elden ring, you can farm for scarlet rot weapons and spirit ashes in Dragonburnt Ruins and Sellia.

The Mimic Tear is the best Spirit Ash in Elden Ring. When summoned, it copies your character. This means that if your druid is attacked by a Scarlet Spirit, it will duplicate his damage. It is very effective in all types of fights, so you don't have to worry about a single damage type. Even after the nerfs post-launch, Mimic Tear remains a fantastic weapon.


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