Genetics: From Genes to Genomes 7th Edition EBook

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Genetics: from genes to genomes 7th ed. is a cutting-edge introductory genetics textbook from a distinguished author team including Nobel Prize winner Leland Hartwell. This book provides clear links between early genetics concepts and modern molecular discoveries. The textbook is available in print and online versions. The full online ebook version is available for download at

Dan Hartl's Essential Genetics and Genomics

In the seventh edition of Essential Genetics and Genomics, Dan Hartl aims to simplify the complex subject matter of modern genetics. This textbook provides a thorough understanding of fundamental genetics and genomics, with Stop & Think problems, Key Concept checks, Human Connection feature boxes, and extensive end-of-chapter review and study material. Students can take the online Readiness Assessment to assess their progress, and use the new Thinking Like a Scientist section to practice their skills.

Online Readiness Assessment for introductory genetics

Increasing numbers of people are becoming interested in learning more about genetics, and a variety of assessment tools are being developed to measure the extent of genetics literacy. The Genetics Literacy Assessment Instrument, or GLA, is a 31-item multiple-choice test that evaluates students' understanding of 17 central concepts in genetics. In addition, the GLA is also useful for evaluating genetics education in a variety of settings.

The Essential Genetics and Genomics 7th edition includes an Online Readiness Assessment. Additionally, the ebook includes a color-coded Readiness Review section and covers science prerequisites, math in genetics, and the thinking scientist. It also provides students with a strong foundation for studying genetics. Regardless of your experience level, you will benefit from reading this eBook. The online version has a 365-day access period.

With Mastering, instructors can customize student learning through trusted content and customizable features. Using the mastering genetics ebook, students can read and take notes while reviewing key vocabulary. Students can also earn a certificate of completion by assigning it as part of a Mastering course. The online version of the ebook also offers instructors an online learning analytics reporting tool to help them see if students need additional support. In addition to the mastering eBook, the interactive version of the genetics textbook includes an instructor-created Learning Analytics Reporting Tool, which can help instructors assess their students' progress and personalize the learning experience.

The GLAI contains 31 items. They were drawn from the results of 395 precourse instruments. Using the results of these tests, researchers calculated the difficulty index for each item. According to these findings, Q5 is especially difficult and only 17% of students correctly answered it. In addition, the item discrimination index for Q5 is 0.05, which is very low. The GLAI reflects the overall understanding of heredity.

This course is designed for students who plan to pursue further study in biology. It covers topics such as the nature of science, levels of organization, emergent properties of life, and basic biochemistry and bioenergetics. Students will also learn about the human embryo, including the development of a normal and abnormal chromosome, as well as genetics in relation to evolution. Lab activities will give students the opportunity to apply the knowledge learned during lectures in a practical environment.

The GLAI was developed to evaluate students' genetics knowledge and skills. Each item was developed to test specific concepts. Item specifications ensure content validity. The GLAI was reviewed by 25 genetics educators and professionals to determine if it was discriminant and content-valid. Moreover, the GLAI has a high discriminant validity and internal consistency. Hence, it is highly recommended for introductory genetics textbooks.

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