Guide to Atlas PV-10P Installation

Guide to atlas pv10p installation

The Atlas PV-10P is a two-post car lift designed for lifting full-loaded 1/2 ton and 3/4-ton trucks with dual wheels. The low lift pad position and versa-metric lift arms help the operator to position the arms under most small cars. Heavy-duty pick-up trucks can also be lifted with ease. Read on to learn how to install the Atlas PV-10P car lift.

Installation instructions

The Atlas PV-10P is a single phase, two post electric lift that incorporates a cylinder configuration. These lifts feature a base plate that implements a chain-over-roller configuration. The cylinders are not color-coded, and there are no positive or negative terminals. The wiring has been professionally connected at the factory, and you will need to simply connect the short wire to L3, A2, or A1 of the AC contactor.

If you have a double-wheeled truck, the Atlas PV-10P can be configured to fit. You can use peg style truck adapters for lifts that have running boards. These adapters are combined with 12 extension pieces to raise the lift pads to the frame of most pick-up trucks. Versa-metric arms are included, so you can install them for a fully loaded pick-up truck or for easier access to the front door.

Maintenance schedule

You should follow the Volkswagen Atlas maintenance schedule to make sure that your vehicle remains in great shape. Volkswagen's recommended maintenance schedule is simple to follow and will include routine maintenance such as oil changes and oil filter changes. The main service that is recommended for this vehicle is an oil change. Tire rotation and a visual inspection are also included. Generally, major services are recommended every few years. If you want to ensure that your vehicle stays in good shape, it is a good idea to schedule your next oil change every ten thousand miles.

At every 20,000 miles, the vehicle should receive a more thorough inspection. During this time, the technician will perform a road test to ensure that there are no new issues. Otherwise, they will change the transmission fluid and spark plug. This maintenance will ensure that your Atlas continues to work smoothly for many years to come. For more information, contact your local VW dealership today. You can get an estimate of how much maintenance your Atlas pv10p will cost by contacting VW today.

Peg style truck adapter set

The Atlas PV-10P peg style truck adapter set includes 12 pieces, which will allow you to lift any pick-up truck with a running board. These adapters can be used alone or in combination with EZ-metric arms to offer the best possible lift for a fully-loaded pick-up truck. This set of tools will also make opening the front door of your vehicle much easier.

Padded shut-off bar

The padded shut-off bar for Atlas PPV-10P is an important feature of the PV-10P truck adapter set. This is to prevent the vehicle's doors from contacting the lift's crossbar. The "padded" protective covers are reinforced with a thick rubber lift pad. The set comes with twelve different adapters. If you are planning to purchase one, be sure to check the availability of the model that you are looking for.

The Atlas PV-10P is a commercial grade, two post lift, and incorporates modifications and improvements that have made this model one of the best on the market. Designed with a symmetric, multi-positional lift pad, the PV-10P is a fantastic option for large commercial service departments and pole barn owners. It can safely lift one ton diesel duallys. It can also safely lift Smart Cars.


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