Mabinogi Weapon List - What You Need to Know

Mabinogi Weapon List - What You Need to Know

There's a whole Mabinogi weapon list out there, so where do you even start? As you progress through the game, you'll come across many different types of monsters and will need different types of weapons to be able to deal with them. Here's what you need to know to get started and avoid buying a weapon that won't do the job! Luckily, you can purchase more weapons in the game later on.


Almost every knight has one of these in their weapon collection. This two-handed sword is incredibly powerful with a decent balance and decent damage and knockback. The only downside is that it is not repairable. It is also quite expensive at 31,500 gold, which makes it one of the least affordable weapons. Alternatively, you can go for the Warhammer. This two-handed sword has a decent maximum damage and low minimum damage, but is very expensive. It is the preferred weapon of players who have a high dexterity.

Another great weapon that can be used as a defensive weapon is the Claymore. In Mabinogi, you will want to use this weapon in order to keep your enemies from noticing you. However, if you can't get a hold of this weapon right away, it might not be the best option. However, this weapon can be used to take down enemies before they even notice you. You can see this in action in one of the early levels of the game.


If you are looking for the best weapons in Warhammer in the Mabinogy, you've come to the right place. The Warhammer is a legendary weapon and its stats are second to none. The Mabinogi is a fantasy world where you will encounter various types of monsters. As such, you should have various kinds of weapons at your disposal. You can buy more weapons as you progress.

It's also important to consider the price. A good one-handed sword will cost about 3000 gold, and a low-cost weapon with high damage is not a bad option. Another great option is a 6000 gold Bastard Sword, which is a powerful weapon with a high damage output. If you're an advanced Mabinogian, you may want to consider the Claymore. The price of this sword is low and it's a good choice for players who want to spend a little more gold. However, be sure to check for available upgrades before you buy.

Ghost Sword

If you're looking for a new weapon in Mabinogi, you should check out the Ghost Sword. This unique weapon allows you to fight enemies while hiding in the shadows. It has a large range of effects and can be used to damage multiple opponents at once. The game's combat system requires skill and strategy. The game's monsters use a variety of AI styles, so players need to develop good counter-techniques to deal with them. Mabinogi's combat system is so complex that autocombat and macros are useless. Luckily, the game includes an overarching storyline. Players can check out the game's updates, known as "generations" or "seasons," to learn more about the storyline and how it affects the characters.

The Ghost Sword has the lowest damage of all the weapons on the Mabinogi weapon list. While the damage is low, it can be very reliable in the right hands. However, it's also difficult to use against bosses because of the low durability. Unlike the other weapons, advanced magic spells can't be moved while charging and most scratch damage cancels them. Moreover, you need to spend over a million gold to unlock Grandmaster status for a particular talent. Getting this status requires you to complete tedious quests for the reward of a new medal and a few other small bonuses.

Using the Ghost Sword is a great way to deal damage and defend yourself in a combat scenario. Mabinogi is a great choice for those who like the horror genre. This fantasy game has a dark, mysterious theme that's sure to delight players. There's also a new questline for Mabinogi players to complete. You can even use it as a secondary character in your group.

You can find a Ghost Sword on the Mabinogi weapon list in the game's main menu. The item is made from an arcane element. It deals more damage than other weapons, but they can't be upgraded or turned into spirit weapons. Unlike regular weapons, ghost weapons can only be repaired with Ducats, which can be difficult to obtain for low level players.

Wooden Stick

Unlike other melee weapons, the Wooden Stick has low damage, which is good for fighting enemies that you can't see. Mabinogi battles are usually determined in a single blow, so ensuring that you can avoid getting hit is essential. The Shadow Monsters usually have high HP and low damage until you reach the higher difficulty. Some of the weapons, like the Lightning Bolt, Thunder, and Windmill, can summon enemies and do more damage, but the damage they deal is usually low. Several Field Bosses have Rush-type attacks and will summon you to their Soul Stream.


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