Nioh 2 Weapon Tier List

Nioh 2 Weapon Tier List

If you're looking for tips and tricks to level up your weapons in Nioh 2, you'll want to check out this Nioh 2 weapon tier list. The first two tiers contain weapons with low stats, so you can quickly level up your gear. Then, move on to the next tier to improve your weapons even further. There are several other weapons you'll want to check out too, like Switchglaive, Tonfas, Gyosha Hand Axes, and Radiant Flame.


This mid range sword is an excellent choice if you're looking for an easy to master, versatile weapon. It can be used in high or mid stance and is best used to deal large amounts of damage to weak enemies. With Onmyo magic, it can scale up to a powerful weapon capable of dealing massive amounts of damage. However, if you're looking for a weapon that is quick and scales well, you'll probably be better off with a scythe.

Each of the weapons in Nioh 2 has a tiering system, and each weapon increases in familiarity over time. As familiarity increases, a player's damage will increase and bonuses will increase as well. For a more comprehensive comparison, check out the Switchglaive skills page. There's a great deal of information to learn about the different types of Switchglaives, so make sure you get a copy of the guide.

Switchglaive: While the Switchglaive's tier list doesn't show its full potential, the Switchglaive offers good defensive buffs against humans and Yokai. It also provides decent Anima generation and strengthens the mystic arts of the user. However, Switchglaive's secondary skill scaling is somewhat limited and it is difficult to change stances mid-attack. Additionally, Switchglaives don't have any fast Ki-damage attacks, so players will have to identify the moves that mesh well with them.


When comparing Nioh 2 weapons, Tonfas have a place among the best ones. These weapons are incredibly versatile, with their versatility affecting both offense and defense. They are great for melee combat and their high parry rate makes them effective at dealing damage to close-range targets. They also automatically reposition the player after a Ki Pulse, making them great for melee combat.

When it comes to ranged damage, the Kusarigama is a good choice. Its ranged damage is large, but players must watch their blind spots when using it. In addition, Tonfas are good for depleting energy, though they require dangerous close range to deal damage. So, if you're looking for an attack weapon that drains energy and kills enemy units, the Tonfas is an excellent choice.

The tonfa was originally used as a handle for a gristmill. As such, the tonfa is an excellent Ryukyu weapon. It is very speedy and has excellent Break and Parry abilities. Moreover, it offers good damage and has excellent status imbuing. Therefore, if you're looking for a top-tier weapon for melee combat, the Tonfa should be in your arsenal.

The next weapons in the Nioh 2 weapon tier list are the Seething Dragon Yokai Weapon and Master Archer's Bow. These weapons are part of the Golden Boy set, and buff arrows and your life total. In addition to these, the Borehole Bow is another great weapon, with special effect buffs for the player. You should use them with extreme caution as it is difficult to master them all at once.

Gyosha Hand Axes

The Gyosha Hand Axe is the 'Hatchet' of Nioh 2. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, scaling well with your skill stats of Stamina and Courage. This unique weapon is used by Gyosha ascetic monks to ward off yokai. In addition to being a strong weapon, this one can also be used to block attacks from enemies that do high damage.

This weapon is an easy-to-use mid-range weapon that comes with the Nioh Collection on PS5 and PS4. It is best used in high stance to deal large damage from a safe position and quickly take out weak enemies. Mid Stance allows you to attack more quickly. It is useful for both mid-range and close ranged combat. For the Switchglaive, the recommended stance is High.

As for the other two swords, they have good range and good attack speed. They're good starter weapons and should be equipped by any tank. However, they're not so great as giant axes. Their range and damage output scale with their stamina and strength, making them a good weapon to start with if you're a newbie. Compared to the sword, the dual sword is a better option in terms of speed and damage output. It has a decent block stat and can be used to guard.

Radiant Flame

There are many factors to consider when deciding what weapon to use in Nioh 2. A good weapon should fit your build, so it's important to know what your character builds are like. The Seething Dragon is a fantastic mid-range weapon and one of the only weapons with Imbue Corruption and a fixed faster Ki recovery bonus. But, its lack of range, low attack speed, and short range will not be ideal for everyone. To get the most out of this weapon, it's essential to learn how to use its unique properties.

This dual sword has all the stats of a Double sword, but is a lower level. While the sword has a lower base damage, it's still a very good choice for early stages of Nioh 2. You won't need heavy armor to use this weapon, and the dual sword has a counter skill to ward off attacks from other weapons. It's also good at imbuing statuses, which is a great feature for Nioh 2 players.

The Fire Mace can be heated with a Foundry Stone. Then, when used, it applies a burning effect. This Burning Effect is especially useful in longer battles against elite enemies and bosses. The Fire Mace is also an excellent starter longsword for Iceborne players. You won't find this sword on the main weapon tree until the Siege returns in March for PC players. However, you should consider using the Radiant Flow as a starter weapon until the Siege comes back, at which time you should try picking up the Wyvern Blade "Luna".

Urn Splitter Hatchets

The Urn Splitter Hatchets are one of the best weapons in Nioh 2. They are compatible with the Hatchet Skills skill tree, and scale with Dexterity and Skill stats. These weapons are excellent choices if you're primarily aiming for breaks. However, they take some time to master, as their handling varies greatly from each stance. Hatchets have high attack speed, so they're also great for luring enemies and dishing out damage from a distance.

The Urn Splitter Hatchets are part of the Bold and the Boorish set, and have good damage and a high recovery rate. The Gyosha Hand Axes and Radiant Flame Hand Axes have a low block and break stat, but both are excellent against Yokai. The Iceberg Hand Axes and the Radiant Flame Hand Axes are good choices if you're looking to maximize your damage output and avoid being targeted by Yokai. The Urn Splitter Hatchets also scale well with Magic, and are a good choice for players looking to improve survivability.

The Urn Splitter Hatchets are among the best mid range weapons. They scale with strength and stamina, and are perfect for zone out play. They're very versatile and can be used with both Dual Swords and Odachi. Keep in mind that Nioh 2 has some challenging encounters in tight spaces, so patience will pay off. There are many weapons to choose from, and the Urn Splitter Hatchet is one of them.

Earthfall Kusarigama

The Nioh 2 Earthfall Kusarigamea is a pure-imbuing ranged weapon with excellent DPS potential. You can find this weapon very early on, and use it to build up your status effects quickly. It is particularly effective against Yokai enemies and is a great choice for players with a high Dexterity. Listed below are the best weapon tiers for this class.

The Little Crow and Quickdraw are both B-Tier weapons with low damage but high attack speed. These weapons are great for fast-paced playstyles, as they can quickly annihilate opponents. Their high-damage output and long reach make them versatile and excellent for players who prefer a mix of playstyles. You can use them for close combat, ranged combat, or a hybrid of both.

The Axe is another great choice for Dexterity-based builds, as its attack speed is a bit slower than other weapons, and its range is not nearly as long as the more powerful swords. If you are a speed player, you can use the Axe, as it has the same range as a scythe, and its 'Amrita Absorption' ability helps you regain health after a fight.

Another weapon tier for the Kusarigama is the Ippon-Datara's Hammer, which has a massive 126 Break damage stat, and innate Imbue Corruption effect, which allows it to inflict Corrupted status. Although this weapon is relatively common, it is not the most powerful weapon in Nioh 2, but it is a good choice for beginners.


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