Read Princess Shu Online

Read Princess Shu Online

Read Princess Shu Online

Princess Valia is the daughter of a fallen noble family and a knight. But as she grows older, she decides to live the life of a temple princess and forgo her inherited wealth. She meets the most handsome man in the Empire, Shuden, who is immediately drawn to the new woman from another world. Valia finds herself trapped in a world of her own, and soon finds herself falling in love with her new husband, who is also the most beautiful man in the Empire.

Valia, Shuden's princess

A strange phenomenon struck the Guelle empire, and the royal throne announced the search for a tribute bride. Valia, an orphan who had recently survived a second near-death experience, volunteers to marry the Marquess Shuden Gartt, despite his reputation for massacre. As Valia watches Shuden's sultry gaze enfold her, she imagines the intimacy they would share, and she is unable to stop herself from accepting his proposal.

The conversation between Valia and Shuden was intense. The two argued for quite some time, but eventually a marriage was reached and both parties were satisfied. The first step toward the marriage was Valia's fiance's clinging hand. The second step was the Marquis, who remained silent for several moments before making a move. Shuden's voice was quiet and even, at times, even tense.

The second step was a visit to the Marquis's palace. Marquis Garth and Valia had been in constant contact for several years, and Shuden had been able to secure the position by bribing the prince. Although Valia was hesitant to accept Shuden, she had seen him at a number of occasions. The marquis had promised to give her the position of Marchioness Garth in return for her help. The Marquis and the knights of the Order of Garth rushed to meet Valia as well.

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