Read Re:Monster Online

Read Re:Monster Online

If you're looking for a great new way to read manga, you've probably heard about the manga series Re:Monster. Created by Kanekiru Kogitsune, the web novel series is based on a light novel that was later adapted. In the light novel, Kanata Tomokui, a once powerful human, is reincarnated as a newborn goblin named Rou. With nothing but his memories and the ability to eat, the young goblin has to figure out how to survive in a new world.

Re:Monster manga by Kanekiru Kogitsune

Re:Monster is a Japanese light novel series. In this manga, an ancient human named Kanata Tomokui is reborn as a newborn goblin called Rou. The novel follows Rou's quest to gather intelligence about a looming human threat and gain experience in killing monsters. The manga is a quick read, but a lot of the action is surprisingly intense.


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