The Cyber Girl Metaverse

The Cyber Girl Metaverse

Cyber Girl is an animated character created in the late 2020's. The character was created entirely by hand, using Zbrush, Maya, and Substance Painter to model and texture her. The entire animation took 112 hours to create, including all of the 150 frames. The animation was then remixed and the Cyber Girl is living in the Metaverse. To see her in action, visit her website. You'll find 83 different hairstyles, fourteen helmets, and 11 backpacks.

Nana is a cyber girl

The Free Republic of Liberland is a sovereign state situated between Croatia and Serbia on the west bank of the Danube River. It declared itself a state in 2015 and prides itself on personal and economic freedom and limiting government power. This nation-state is not recognized by any other nations. The metaverse is currently in beta and will open for 100 guests on April 13.

83 hairstyles

The Cyber Girls are avatars based on feminism and cyberpunk. They are composed of more than 300 unique elements. In total, there are five thousand five hundred and fifty-five elements in the Cyber Girls. As of today, there are a few ways to buy NFTs (New Third-World currency) for Cyber Girls. Depending on your preferences, you may opt for a single Cyber Girl or one of the different packages.

14 helmets

The Cyber Girl concept includes the incarnation of three heroines with 83 hairstyles, 18 drones, and 14 helmets. Other assets include 11 backpacks and 57 weapons. Rare NFTs are marked with blue frames. 7% of the public sale will be destroyed forever. The concept demonstrates the importance of an NFT-based token ecosystem. The NFT provides a user-friendly platform for secondary sales, dividends, and collections of assets.

11 backpacks

The collection of 11,111 unique NFTs embodies the diversity of cyberpunk femininity. These dolls include three heroines, eighty-three different hairstyles, fourteen drones, fourteen helmets, and 11 backpacks. The collection also includes 57 different weapons. Of these, only one thousand are rare, with blue frames marking them as the most rare. The remaining eleven hundred are destined to be sold in the public.

57 weapons

There are 57 weapons in a cyber girl's arsenal, and if you look at the latest video game, you may think they are all real. While we don't know much about metaverse warfare, it's a fascinating concept. It could be the next evolution in weaponry, and it's also a great way to engage in a friendly competition. Listed below are some of the more plausible weapons for cyber girls.


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