Tibetan ocr online

Where to Find a Free Tibetan OCR Tool

Tibetan ocr online

If you have Tibetan language documents and want to know how to get them read online, you may be wondering where to find a free Tibetan OCR tool. An OCR tool is a program that converts images into text. It can read text from any language, but Tibetan is particularly difficult to read. A free Tibetan OCR tool can help you make this process easier. You can download the free Tibetan OCR tool at i2OCR.org and i2OCR.com.


i2OCR is a free online tool for text recognition that recognizes multi-column documents in more than 100 languages. It accepts various input image formats, including PDF. PDF files can be loaded from a disk or a URL. Once the recognition is complete, the generated text is displayed side by side with the input source image. Afterwards, the text can be downloaded as a Text file or translated to another language and edited online with Google Docs. i2OCR respects your privacy by deleting the generated text files within an hour. Furthermore, it's free to use, which means you can upload as many images as you need as often as you like.


i2OCR.com is a free online service that specializes in the recognition of multi-column documents in 100+ languages. It supports several major input image formats, including PDF, which can be loaded directly from disk or from a URL. Once recognized, the recognized text appears side by side with the input source image. The extracted text can be saved as a Text file or translated into a Google Docs document for online editing. i2OCR also protects users' privacy by deleting the generated text files within an hour. It is free to use and there is no registration.

The first step in the process is to make sure that you have the necessary software. OCR software is a valuable tool for digitizing old documents. It can convert images into editable PDF files. PDF files are created with a combination of images and text. It is possible to search and edit them in various ways, and i2OCR can make them searchable. The program works on documents in many formats, including Tibetan.


i2OCR.org is a free online Optical Character Recognition tool that allows you to extract Tibetan text from scanned documents and images. The resulting text can be edited, formatted, and searchable. You can then translate the content of the document. You can even use the extracted text to create an ebook or a document that you can distribute to friends and family. i2OCR has a wide variety of features for free.

The site allows you to upload image files or PDF files for OCR. You can also get your output in JSON format, which is useful for further analysis. It supports many languages, including Tibetan, but does not support Indian languages. It also lacks advertisements and has a slightly slower speed than other similar websites. However, the price is reasonable for the advanced features it provides. You can also upload up to 100 documents.


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