Arcane Roots Colored Vinyl - Melancholia Hymns

Arcane Roots Colored Vinyl - Melancholia Hymns

Arcane Roots have just revealed their new single, Indigo. The track premiered on Annie Mac's Radio 1 show as the "Hottest Record" of the day. It's the first taste of the new album, Melancholia Hymns, which was released on September 15 via Easy Life. Read on for more details. Read on to discover why this album is so special.

VG+ condition

A colored vinyl copy of Arcane Roots's Melancholia Hymns is a great way to collect an incredibly hard to find album. The band's music is characterized by an unorthodox sound, but this record is the perfect example of the band's sonic evolution. The music is powerful, and each note is laden with meaning and passion. The new album is an amazing evolution for the band, and it only marks the band's second release.

The album is in VG+ condition, and the disc shows signs of previous use, including some surface noise. The surface noise will not interfere with the sound, but will be minimal, and will not be annoying or distracting. If there are any marks on the vinyl, they should be minimal, and the sleeve may be slightly creased, but other than that, it is in very nice collector's condition.

Although Melancholia Hymns is a good album, the singles prove the band's versatility. The electronica-laced lead single Curtains introduced a whole new sound to the group. The band's vocals are accompanied by dark synths and dramatic drops, and the track explodes with massive riffs and maniacal screams. The track ends with brooding noise, which sets the stage for the next song.

If you're looking for a rare colored vinyl copy of the Arcane Roots album Melancholia Hymns, then you've come to the right place. This rare Arcane Roots record has been unavailable in the market for four years. It is rare to find an Arcane Roots vinyl in such a pristine condition, but fortunately, you can still find one!

New song 'Off The Floor'

As the band prepares to release their fourth studio album, 'Melancholia Hymns,' the UK-based band have released a new song titled 'Off The Floor.' The song follows on from previous singles 'Curtains' and 'Matter.' The new song has a hypnotic quality that draws listeners into a state of confusion.

The band's debut album, Melancholia Hymns, was critically acclaimed, but this new effort isn't as good. The band's songs are less entrancing than those of their first album, which was filled with math rock timings and high vocals. The group's complex musicianship, along with their breakneck energy, are less pronounced than on their second album. In fact, the band's screamo part in 'Matter' feels diluted.

The band's first single, 'Curtains,' introduced an ethereal, electronica-laced sound. Andrew Groves' lyrics are cloaked in an eerie aura, while synthesized beats and dramatic drops add a touch of Arcane Roots force. After this, a climactic breakdown ensues with Andrew Groves' maniacal screams and massive riffs.

While the band's sound is chaotic, it's also remarkably mellow. On 'Melancholia Hymns', Arcane Roots completely overhauled their sound. The new song, 'Off The Floor,' is the perfect example of this transition. While it's not a huge leap from their first album, it is the perfect evolution for the band.

'Show Yourself' is probably the most evocative track of the band's career. Some old-school fans complained that it reminded them of Queens of the Stone Age, while 'Roots Remain' evokes the prog-odyssey of their Crack the Skye opus and the brutal histrionics of Leviathan.

Perfect musical evolution

Having announced their forthcoming album, "Melancholia Hymns," Arcane Roots have released the first single from the LP. 'Off the Floor' follows the band's previous singles 'Curtains' and 'Matter.' The colorful vinyl release is a limited edition of 500 pieces. Find out more about the album and get your copy today!

Melancholia Hymns is the follow-up to the band's debut album, "Blood & Chemistry." The album combines the band's anthemic songwriting with elements of pop sensibility, electronica, and math rock timings. This album is more considered and intricate than the band's previous releases, featuring lush analogue synths and delicate vocals.

"Melancholia Hymns" is a massive step up for ARCANE ROOTS. Their sound has evolved, and this album is their most expansive yet. You can feel their passion in every note, and it's hard not to feel the psychedelic effect. Melancholia Hymns is the band's sophomore album, and they've already earned a loyal following.

Sound of album

For the sophomore album, Arcane Roots rewrote the rules. The band, who were post-hardcore alt-rock pioneers four years ago, now have a full-fledged electronic sound that's both more melodic and less frenetic. Their songs are filled with lush analogue synths, hazy distortion, and delicate vocals. The new album sounds utterly gorgeous on colored vinyl.

As if to prove that they could go anywhere, Melancholia Hymns' singles showed off the band's range. Lead single Curtains, for example, featured a chilly, electronic presence that underlined Andrew Groves' lyrics. Massive riffs and maniacal screams exploded in an explosion of sound. The album's final track, "Immortals," was an epic conclusion to the record's mellow mood.

While sonic contrasts are important in a rock album, the ethereal nature of Myrkur's music makes this one of the best albums of 2018. The colorful vinyl sound of the album helps to add a nostalgic quality to its music, which is not common for the genre. The songs are remarkably varied and atypical for a rock album. A few are less than subtle, while others are full-on epics.

The color of the record is also important. The album is less dynamic than the black version, and the colored vinyl may be inferior in sound. Some people may not even notice a difference, but audiophiles will definitely appreciate the colors of the vinyl over black. For many people, colored vinyl is a fun and rewarding experience. If you've ever considered purchasing colored vinyl, don't hesitate.


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